These are Rob's hunting beagles. He runs them on snowshoe hare. We do raise an occasional litter of beagles, but these dogs are primarily Rob's hunting partners.




Dirty Pond Tasha


Tasha is sired by FC South Hill Baxter and is out of Branko's Dirty Pond Nikki. Click here for her pedigree: Tasha's Pedigree



Here Jessica and Amanda pose with Rob and Tasha after their first hare hunt. The girls were mighty proud of their hare.



Here Trooper and Tasha doze in the house after a hard days hunt.



Dirty Pond Trooper

Trooper is sired by FC Woodland Rouper and is out of Smoke's Creek Shady Lady. Click here for Trooper's pedigree:  Trooper's Pedigree


Beavercreek's Pattywacked

Paddywack is owned by our friend Jacob Peterson. Click here for Paddywack's pedigree: Paddywack's Pedigree


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