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NOTICE: Sometimes we, or one of our dog savvy friends or relatives, can deliver puppies to their new homes for a fee, If we can deliver more than one puppy on a trip we can split the costs of delivering the puppies and the price will be considerably less than if we have to make a special trip to meet you. Check below to see if any upcoming trips might work to bring your new puppy home! Please remember you are also welcome to come here and meet the puppies and their parents if time and distance allows!




Has your rat terrier developed Glaucoma? If so, please read here: What is Primary Lens Luxation?



The puppies are listed in order of their age. Scroll down to see the younger puppies if that is what you are interested in. Below the puppy listings there is more information on puppy transport, our deposit policies, etc.

Unless otherwise noted all the puppies listed on this page are owned by Hall's Kennel.

We welcome questions and are happy to help in any way we can. Thank-you for visiting and enjoy your visit to our website!!!







AKC Pomeranians


Name:  Silver ON HOLD!!!

Silver merle parti-color male, $700



Name:  Shane

Lavender Merle parti-color male, $600



Name:  Shoshonna SOLD!!!

Chocolate merle w/white markings female, $700



Name:  Sharlene ON HOLD!!!

Chocolate merle w/white markings, $800



Born: April 07, 2014

These puppies will likely mature between 6 to 10 lbs. To see pictures of the sire and dam click here: Pomeranian Pictures

Sire: Pombreden's Patchez Of Merle Magic

Dam: Hall's Black Suede Sue 





AKC Rat Terrier


Name:  Candy ON HOLD!!!

Blue fawn bi female, $550



Born: Sunday, May 11, 2014

This puppy will likely mature between 8 to 14 lbs.  She has a long tail. To see pictures of the sire and dam click here: Rat Terrier pictures 

Sire: Hall's Smokey Blue

Dam: Hall's Blueberry Muffin 




AKC Rat Terriers


Name:  Duke ON HOLD!!!

Pearl tri-color male, $450




Name:  Princess ON HOLD!!!

Fawn tri-color female, $550




Name:  Dutchess ON HOLD!!!

Blue fawn tri-color female, $550



Born: May 27, 2014

These puppies will likely mature between 8 to 14 lbs. These puppies are PLL clear by parentage. Their tails are docked. To see pictures of the sire and dam click here: Rat Terrier pictures 

Sire: Hall's Smokey Blue

Dam: Hall's Pearly Girl 





Check back to see updates on these and other litters.


If you would like to reserve a puppy you can contact us about putting a deposit on it. Click here to read our deposit policy.

Deposit Policy


We now accept



We also except money orders, bank checks, instate personal checks w/ proper ID, & cash. We also accept out of state checks, but only for deposits and only if there is time for the check to clear before the puppy is picked up.





Pet Transport


It is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements for how they will get their new puppy home. It is ideal when the new puppy owner can pick the puppy up in person which is what most people do. However that is not always possible.


Sometimes we do deliver puppies to their new homes for a fee, and in some cases we can arrange for the new puppy to travel to their new home with one of our dog savvy friends or relatives who may be traveling to your area. You can check with us to see if that option is available.


If other delivery options aren't available or if you prefer you can have the puppy delivered using the airlines. However due to new USDA regulations we can only ship puppies using the airlines in certain circumstances. We generally charge more to ship using the airlines as we live about a 3 hours drive from the nearest airport that we can ship from, and the cost of transporting the puppy to the airport adds significantly to the cost.


Another option that we like is using a pet transport business of which there are several to choose from. The same USDA regulations that apply to airline travel also apply to pet transport businesses so in we can only ship using this method in certain circumstances. In the past we have used Linderland Stage from South Dakota. They are a small family owned business and the service has been great. They are dog breeders themselves and take the best of care of the puppies while in transport.  They pick the puppy up at our house and deliver it to it's new home.  We have been very happy with their service and will continue to use them in the future.  If you would like to use their service let us know and we can arrange it for you. You can also check out their website at: http://www.gwtc.net/~linderland/stage.html





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